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Zero-Period: Kari Storm by Kagetora-Chesh Zero-Period: Kari Storm by Kagetora-Chesh

Made this for :iconzero-period: :iconotlplz: I'm sorry she's not very colourful, I just really liked her like this.

Name: Kari Storm

Age/Year: 17 / 2nd Year

Alter-Ego Species: Kemonomimi - Pterylykos (Winged Wolf)


+Large Claw Blades: She fights in close range, using strings of combo attacks.

+Wings: Can fly. Can also gather energy for her finishing attack, which is seldom used because it requires her to stand still. This leaves her susceptible to attack.

Strong in Studies?: Yes


She remains quiet and tries her best to go unnoticed. She's not too sure how to go about making friends so she comes off as shy or rude when talking to others for the first time. She is a heavy gamer in her free time. In the world of online gaming she is a social butterfly, a confident leader, and someone who would gladly stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. The only evidence of her gaming life that can be seen is the sketch pad that she carries around with her at all times. It holds numerous drawings of her different characters. She also carries at least two books just in case, she's kind of a bookworm.


Her parents were always busy with work so she never really had much interaction with them. The only time they would ever talk to her is when she got her report card. If it was bad they wouldn't speak kindly to her, but if it was good she was able to earn their praise. She began to study hard and get the best grades in her regular school but that led to her being teased by the other children. "Teacher's Pet" They would call her, they'd play terrible pranks on her and torment her all day.Being the quiet girl she was, she had become and easy target. Her grades never faltered. She just wanted her parents love and approval. To escape the torment she fled to the world of online gaming, where she was able to be outgoing and strong. Dealing with the teasing and loneliness became easier once she had started gaming. After a few years she was able to completely ignore the teasing, but the loneliness remained. She didn't have any real friends.

Later she was informed that her parents were moving away for work. They hadn't the time nor room to bring her along so they sent her to a school in Corsica called Shuukudai Academy. Somewhat relieved to be rid of her tormentors but discouraged by the new setting she begins her life at the Academy. Free from a rather oppressive lifestyle, she studies and gets good grades for her sake instead of doing it to please others.

Likes (+) / Dislikes (-) :

+Books (Especially Sci-Fi Fantasy)







-Getting Grades Below a B


-Rainy Days (they make her sleepy)


- Not being able to express herself

Room/Roommate: 304 Alice Celis
yuki-oneesan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
shes adorable
Me2Unique Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
ammmmggg she turned out so amazinggg :iconmoeblushplz:
she looks so fierceee <3
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August 11, 2013
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